We have a variety of items you can customize and include for your FAN CLUB program.

Choose from our existing designs, or together we can create a fully custom design. 

We create mock-ups for all of your items, along with an order form to distribute. If you would like to take orders online, we can arrange that through our website.

Mock-up images of products can be provided to you for promotion and use.

Once your ordering window is closed and all payments are collected, we will begin to fill your orders. We can deliver or ship the full order to your organization. it is up to you to distribute individual orders.

Once all transactions are complete, we will mail a check to your organization for 30% of your total sales!


BIO Girls Bemidji partnered with Hannah at Compass- Rose for an end of season fundraiser. Hannah came up with a creative design and a positive message that spoke to the values of our program. Participants were even able to personalize their items.

Hannah put together an order form and from that we were able to raise enough funds to purchase decorations and additional supplies for our Fun Run race. This made a huge impact on our program.

 - Jamie Mahaffey,  Site Director