Our First Trip to the Market

Our First Trip to the Market

Because our store had been online for the last six months, we had some inventory stocked up already. The hard part was comprehending if the items on the shelves in our guest bedroom would actually fill up our store space. We knew we had to go to the market and check out some new vendor options. 

So like little piggies, we went weeee weeee weee all the way to Minneapolis to shop the market. The weather wasn't looking good but because we were determined to drive down, shop and drive back all in one day, there was no option to not go. The trip down wasn't so bad, we found the market location. In order to shop, we had to prove that we were an actual retail store and they gave us official name badges with the store name on them too. It was another moment in which I felt that "we made it". 

The location had four different wings jam packed with vendors to shop and talk to. Both Jordan and I looked at each other with a shocked expression when we exited the first wing because it had taken us an entire hour to complete it. We had three more wings to go! 

Every vendor we passed had catalogs for us to bring home for their various products. When we first entered the building we laughed at the people toting around rolling carts/bags, but now the joke was on us. We were lugging around several pounds of catalogs and now looking at the market experience as if we were in an endurance challenge. Ha! 

Throughout the day it was nice to meet some of the vendor reps that we had only had email communications with, along with meeting new reps. On our way home we hit some bad weather and took our time on the drive back to Bemidji. It was so much fun, lots of learning and thoroughly enjoyable to share the new experience together. We will be back, but the next time we will have our rolling bag in hand! 

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