Neighborhood Friends to Business Supporters

Neighborhood Friends to Business Supporters

For as long as I can remember, Trevor Brown and I rode the bus to school. Elementary through Junior High, then attending the same High School. He has always had the gift of gab and would even commentate school events. He continued to follow his passion long after High School and create a daily podcast called Another Round with Trevor Brown.

We had gone a handful of years before reconnecting over a project for his business. Trevor had reached out to me to create a logo for his podcast program and it was fun to catch up with a neighborhood friend from years ago. 

Since then, he has supported both of my businesses on his podcast - Younique Marketing and Compass Rose. So I encourage you to check our his podcast for yourself!

Thanks Trevor for being a big fan of Compass Rose since the beginning! 



Another Round with Trevor Brown is a 30 minute nightly podcast that airs Monday through Thursday. Real talk. Skyline-to-skyline. Coast-to-coast. Little thoughts should never go quiet into the night.

Another Round is meant for an adult audience. Another Round may contain explicit language and adult content. Listener discretion is advised.

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