Unique Vendors

Unique Vendors

Compass Rose is very particular when choose which vendors we work with and bring their product into our shop. We want to support vendors that are hustling hard like us! Here are some of their stories...

All descriptions are from the makers themselves. 
(listed alphabetically)

9th Letter Press

Through the years, we’ve focused on creating colorful and uniquely designed products for all celebrations and occasions. Because, let’s all agree, there’s always a reason to celebrate. Our hope is that our products are shared with loved ones, given to those that need a little sunshine on a rainy day, and sent “just because” you were thinking of them. The art of “snail mail” is a beautiful thing that we hope will continue to grow.

All Up In The Hair

I came about this business almost on accident. I had been making jewelry for years, and one day, on a whim, threw together a bunch of bobby pins before a show. And we sold almost all of them. And I jumped in head first. I’m always on the look out for fun new bobby pins options, hair bows, flowers, etc. You can catch me anywhere in life with a cup of chai in my hand. But mostly I’m at my kitchen table working or snuggled up on the couch with my dogs or kids.


Christina Holland

Christina Holland Designs features one-of-a-kind, hand crafted jewelry.


Cindy Lindgren

I loved to draw as a kid growing up in Iowa and also enjoyed finding wildflowers in the woods.  Since art college, I've worked from my home studio in Minneapolis area for a variety of clients.  In recent years I explored creating illustrations in my graphic style of wildflowers and plants. My inspiration comes from the Arts and Crafts Movement, particularly in textiles and tiles.

Craftsman looked to native plants for decorative art themes.  Rather than rendering them realistically, they eliminated detail and simplified the plants to abstract forms. I also prefer to draw from plants and wildlife around me in the Midwest. I draw them over and over until I find its essence in just a few lines.  

I call my style Craftsman Nouveau art because it has its roots in tradition, but I give it a clean modern look to fit in contemporary lifestyles.  My strength is in my simple elegant lines in rich color palettes.  

My mission is to create beautiful and unique cards, prints, textiles and art for products for you to enjoy.

Copper Pearl

Copper Pearl was started in the summer of 2015 by two stay at home moms, Stephanie and Kristin (with a little help from their awesome husbands). Kristin is a red-head (a.k.a. the “copper”) and Stephanie is a blond (a.k.a. the “pearl”). Both couples always had the dream of starting their own business, and when they realized the lack of trendy and modern baby bibs on the market they seized the opportunity to create Copper Pearl.

Copper Pearl was originally created with the idea and hope to create a line of premium, trendy, and unique baby accessories and clothing. Each product that is sold goes through a rigorous design process to ensure that the designs chosen are both highly functional and fashionable. Stephanie has always had a knack for entrepreneurship; she started several neighborhood businesses as a child and always dreamed of starting her own "grown-up" business one day.  Kristin has a degree in clothing construction and has always had a goal to start her own clothing line or fashion business. Kristin and Stephanie are passionate about the design of each product and hope to bring you one-of-a-kind baby products that you love to use!

Finch Designs

From a marketing maven to a sewing siren, Finch Designs is covering all the bases.
The story of Finch Designs begins easily enough, and is a common enough tale in the Midwest. I learned how to sew in 4-H when I was a young girl, and stepped away from the craft when I grew older and focused on my business and marketing degree. 

Life has a funny way of bringing us full circle though - my son suffered a brain injury while at daycare and I felt that I needed to find a way to be home with him during his recovery. My then hobby had just turned itself into my job and etsy was calling. 

It took some time for me to "find" myself and what spoke to me as an artist, and I really feel like my shop encompasses that now. I love natural fabrics, independent designers, and anything that catches my eye. I'm always developing something new, or tweaking an established design. My business background in marketing comes in handy often though, from managing wholesale contracts to social media, it keeps my skills fresh and my product pictures sharp. 

Lakeside Clothing Company

Lakeside Clothing Company provides the style and comfort you would expect at the lake.  Sail away, cast that line, and don't forget the sunscreen.  Live it. Wear it. Lakeside.

Mona B.

Mona B is a lifestyle brand committed to producing high quality products while keeping sustainability in mind. Each bag in the Mona B Collection is an exclusive one-of-a-kind creation. We are continually designing in an effort to utilize materials that will impose less harm on the environment without compromising style. Each season we will continue to make conscience, creative choices while finding new innovative ways to remain sustainable and eco-friendly.

Pinwheel Print Shop

Pinwheel Print Shop is on a mission to create greetings that make you giggle. With a love of lettering, pretty paper and puns, I launched Pinwheel Print Shop in 2012. We aim to create sweet snail mail with just the right amount of sass. With bright fresh colors and sweet little lettering, Pinwheel cards are sure to brighten your mailbox. Each Pinwheel greeting starts with hand-lettering and illustration, is printed on 100% recycled paper and gets assembled and shipped from our Cincinnati studio.

Purple Prairie Botanicals

Once upon a time there was a mother of three who was tired of her dry, irritated skin and acne problems. She wondered what happened to the skin she was born with. One day while reading her organic gardening magazine, she found an article about old fashioned soap. She knew this was the answer she had been searching for. Soon after her first batch of soap, her skin was reborn! The instinctual desire to create took over and Purple Prairie was founded in 2000. We are a Minnesota home grown company started with the belief that our skin needs products made with nature's ingredients to stay healthy & beautiful. Our products are made in small batches with the finest nurturing, safe & organic ingredients combined with herbal infusions & pure essential oils which restore the balance of both physical and mental well being. We cater to all skin types including the most sensitive skin. All products are 100% natural unless noted otherwise. We are proud signers of the Skin Deep cosmetics act and Leaping Bunny coalition.
All products are free of:
Synthetic Fragrance
Synthetic Dyes
Artificial Preservatives
Animal Ingredients

Purple Prairie Botanicals has always believed in the protection and sustainability of our natural world and the delicate systems which balance all life as we know it. This planet produces all of the products we share with you, and it is simply a matter of appreciation and respect that must be given. When purchasing our raw materials, we only work with American companies that lead the industry in environmental stewardship and adhere to strict principles and protocols that ensure fair treatment and compensation for the people involved with the production of our ingredients. This includes organic farming and fair trade practices.
Zero Waste:
Purple Prairie Botanicals is a "Zero Waste" company where any materials which might be regarded as waste are either recycled, re-used, composted, reclaimed, or brought back into the production cycle. All invoices, brochures and other paper materials printed for our customers by Purple Prairie Botanicals is a minimum 35% post consumer waste material. We use minimal/recyclable packaging and recycle/reuse everything possible during the production process. We re-use all shipping material(boxes/packing peanuts, etc.) that arrive with our ingredient purchases. All of the office supplies we use are repurposed, reused or recycled. The packaging material we use to cushion your order is 100% repurposed/reused bubble wrap, peanuts and newsprint salvaged and cleaned from other companies and individuals.
Talisman Designs

Katherine Waymire, President of Talisman Designs, started the company in 2002 making handmade wine accessories in her home. Fast forward to now and Talisman Designs is a known brand in the gift and housewares industries. With a range of products from Beechwood utensils and measuring spoons and top selling gadgets such as Butter Boy and the 1-Piece Adjustable Pie Shield, Talisman Designs is never short on creativity. 


UnWined Candle Company

We love candles, so in 2010 we started Unwined Candle Company. We handcraft our candles from start to finish with a lot of love and attention to detail and we know that you'll see (and smell) the difference. Checkout the links below to learn a little more about us and hear what others are saying about Unwined. We want to thank everyone for your continued support!

UR Bath Co. 

UR Bath & Body has handcrafted some of the finest bath and body products to inspire a sense of self, create a sense of joy and to allow you the opportunity to express your love to others. Our products are handmade by those that are transitioning out of crisis. We offer a place of employment that empowers and promotes women’s independence from challenging family and abusive circumstances. When you indulge in our products you can be assured that your purchase is lifting up, rebuilding, reshaping and promoting those women that desire to chart a new course for their lives and their children. UR is a loving affirmation of all that you can become and all that can be realized with a loving hand extended. The Bronx in New York City – It’s the inspiration behind the UR Bath & Body brand. While visiting a women’s homeless shelter in New York City, Tracy noticed the director greeted each woman that walked through the door with a “UR” affirmation. “You are strong”, “You are brave”, “You are fearless”, that inspired Tracy to create products to inspire a sense of self, naming each product after an uplifting attribute.